1. Jess

    I’m gutted it wasn’t Jack Bauer

  2. antoine bugleboy

    You just fell for our sting and won yourself three months’ detention. There’s no such thing as “Scotchtoberfest”!

  3. Cock Dr

    If I was a betting woman I would have put the money on Keifer being the one to whip up the skirt. Guess he hadn’t yet had enough whiskey.

  4. “I call this one….’The Goat’!”

  5. ssssscience

    I think there’s a rather significant number of us that like balls on this website.


  6. mean tina

    hot! i love balls and older men.

  7. mean tina

    look at all those odd shoe choices.

  8. lils

    A million “ass and the City” jokes just popped out in my head and I can’t even…

  9. ginaraejones

    oh my, what nice quads you have!!!!

  10. Mike Walker

    He’s clenching.

  11. stu

    ..then out of nowhere, the Law and Order trademark ‘scene chime’ was heard across the room.. “dunn dunnn”

  12. Pshhh


  13. I’d spank that fucking ass so hard!!

    It’s about time we got to see some dangly bits around these parts. Around THOSE parts, even.

    More sexy men should wear skirts.

  14. Mr. Small


  15. misty

    thank YOU for posting this. I’m a 22 yr old female and i DEFINITELY appreciate some Chris Noth balls. yum.

  16. “Would you like some cream with your teabag, Mr. Cox?”

  17. Dali


    i wonder how many times Sarah Jessica Parker ran her tongue across those.

  18. obregon

    Well, I’m definitely not gay.

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