1. bearandbu

    The Ring, Part III

    • neo

      i bet her ass smells like spoiled potatoes and rotted cabbage, um thats making me hungry, i’d like to eat that

  2. Dean Stalickz


    …to not see anything, because you FORGOT THE NSFW VERSION.

    • Hugh Gentry

      you are a failure at everything. not first, and he didn’t forget the NSFW. You can’t see her asshole though…there’s too much meat blocking the view.

  3. Eye of Newt

    You were right Fish. I regret not letting Big Brother decide what I should lay my eyes upon. That was simply murderous with a capital “suicide.”

  4. Is she not wearing underwear or has it been sucked up into her black hole of sin? I can see a pair of granny panties getting lost in that for days….much less a thong.

    • maddox

      I think her toxic asshole acid ate away at the thong. Oh man, no sleep for me tonight…….or ever!!!!!!!!!

  5. She’s got a thong on. I can see just a hint of fabric where her cooch ought to be. I looked, which means I need therapy, but I looked.

  6. Some things you just can’t unsee

  7. TomFrank

    I actually expected worse than this.

  8. rough

    In Nyc, the police use manned station like life-guards in certain neighborhood in order to reduce crime. The enforcer is applying the same method here. Im not sure what the big shock is…

  9. mel

    my computer smells like manure now.

  10. Pauly D

    there’s probly some dude we don’t see bent over, and shes just tossin’ his salad….filthy pig!

  11. Hank E. Ring

    Hey, give her credit for honesty. She has the advertisement “Dirty” displayed on her ass.

  12. haymoose

    It’s funny how that is the way I thought the front might look too!

  13. Joe Blow

    Wow… who woulda thought it, Mr. Snuffaluffagus, alive and well.

  14. Tommy

    I was actually hoping to see some gabagool

  15. Honkey

    Someone needs to tell her that her moose knuckle is on the wrong side.

  16. GuyLeDouche

    Who knew Satan was brown-eyed?

  17. Leo

    I just threw up a little in my mouth…

  18. Ok, I know that I’m asking for the need to wash my eyes out with acid, but how do you see uncensored pictures here? I’ve had this problem with pictures that I actually wanted to see as well.

  19. ad nasuem

    Did she even bother to clean the fur of that animal she hunted, gathered and ate before she made boots out of it?

    • Youdrink waytoomutch

      Ugh, those boots! Not the Ugg variety, mind you, but them things must reek to high heaven!! WTF is up with wearing winter boots in the summer?

  20. AnnaDraconida

    We’re lucky. She’s so fat, even if she wasn’t wearing a thong the asscheeks would block our view of the Eye of Sauron.

  21. Is it ass fat to blame for the absence of testicles I was so convinced would be there?

  22. BigOkie

    Isn’t the “camel toe” supposed to be viewable from the front? Somehow hers slipped around back.

  23. Brooke

    Snooki keeps this blob around because she manages to make the pickle monster look like Audrey fucking Hepburn.

  24. Bad Bad Girl

    It’s a sad day indeed when Snookie is the classy one in a photo.

  25. Ollie

    It looks like a giant moose knuckle at the back. I shudder at what’s at the front.

  26. When she left the house she did have panties on. How did Snooki let her underestimate how hungry her ass was going to get?

  27. Jason

    That brick wall has sexier cracks.

  28. Gene

    Hell, all you’ve got here is plumbers crack…You’re all nothing ore than a bunch of kids.

    I have apparently been in Afghanistan too long. Duct tape her mouth…no wait…her whole head…until she quits wriggling…and I’d do her.

  29. barkerman

    It burnses… It burnses our eyes, precious!

  30. Mike Walker

    Eat the spider… eat the spider!!

  31. linds

    bahahaha under-ass tan lines

  32. KC

    Someone put her vag on backwards.

  33. Sin

    She actually had granny panties on, The STD’s just ate them away.

  34. duder

    I’ve seen uglier girls and angrier scenes, but never more degrading porn.

  35. Dontclickdontclickdontclick….AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!!! Godammit.

  36. Dontclickdontclickdontclick….AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!!! Godammit.

  37. Dr Ha-Ha

    I’m guessing she thought it was an inflatable trough.

  38. Elf

    The target is two meters wide? That’s impossible to hit. Even for a computer!

  39. Cya later

    Does any dude think that fatass whore is cute? If so, he needs to cut off his dick, because he’s not a real dude; he’s a chick masquerading as a dude…

  40. footballisus

    What would you call that? Reverse cameltoeoloogy?

  41. Leo D

    My EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their BURNIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. vandal

    Fart and give us a clue love.

  43. Gigs

    I was expected to see at least a little vag but her fat covered it up. Thank you fat rolls.

  44. Dano

    She must have her balls tucked in

  45. Dano

    Fuckin sand guidos. Shoot em all in the head

  46. Erin

    still better looking than the face end

  47. lazyass

    Finally her real side, the deep end, took over. *me is UNSTOPPABLE’

  48. bonerhard

    Good God! How do I un-see this pic!!??!?!?

  49. Alison

    Is it her butt, or is it her vagina? Or do the two share the same functions…

  50. Honkey

    I think her moose knuckle is confused…

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