1. Sir Mix Alot

    was hoping for vagina, disappointing.

    • angrysurfer

      Pu ck these dumb shit why even show the damn pics with stars. These site is crap now. Never coming back

  2. Mcfeely Smackup

    don’t bother. No amount of clicking will make the star go away. fucking site is god damned useless since the redesign.

    eat a bowl of dick you fucking retards, I’m never coming back here.

  3. jujee

    Oh. I thought it was going to be a vag shot. Not that special.

  4. Hils

    Is that a female condom?

  5. Urbanspaceman

    I’m disappointed. Real women do not shave.

  6. I’m disappointed. She’s a goddess but real women don’t shave.

  7. jmo

    Seriously, how do you see the NSFW version? I feel like a dumbass asking, but since this site has been changed, I can’t figure it out

  8. Drew

    I’ll post this all in caps for the mildly retarded.


    You’re welcome. Fuck me I’m tired of dumb people.

  9. Staci

    You’re supposed to click “View Full Size” above the picture, morons.

  10. lukemingle

    i know the shot may be not be that great, but for further use, HOW CAN I SEE IT WITH OUT THE STAR??? dont call me retarded and to click on the link that sayd full version nsfw bc thats just takes me to another “starred” shot

  11. Jelani George Costanza Tendai


  12. starsarestillthere

    I must truly be stupid, I click the picture, click the “see original”, still nothing to see but a big huge star.

    I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’m using firefox, if that makes any difference.


    • lukemingle

      you are not stupid, when you click on the image, just above it there is a link that says “view full size”, NOT the link below the image that says “view original”. hope this helps!

  13. Toma

    She looks like she has balls in there. The new website sucks.

  14. Taz

    Nice up skirt

  15. Disappointing…especially with the fact that you hyped it up.

  16. Dogboy

    nom nom nom. love it.

  17. Wyatt



  18. i can’t make that f***ng star gone, please advice how to make it disapear

  19. Mike Iksard

    Christmas just came early. I named my penis Christmas.

  20. Jeff

    Are those panties or does she just have weird cooter tan lines?

  21. joho777

    WHY bother with the giant red star just so we can see her soggy panties?

    Where is fish?. He never pulled this stuff.

  22. mr buttersworth

    ATTENTION: lady and gentlemen
    you remove the star by clicking on the “View full size” link at the TOP of the picture. i know it’s not fair adding extra hurdles or changing up the path to sexytown… especially when all the blood is rushing away from your brain and you’ve only got the one free hand…

  23. benny

    Lotta hoo-hah over a panty shot with cheek leak, but ok.

  24. genius

    sorry, this is definitely photoshopped.

  25. tromba

    This site is really starting to SUCK OUT LOUD! Who writes and produces this shit? Retarded 13 year olds with their little dicks in their hands?

  26. Erix

    This website is gay. Censorship?

    Fuck you!

  27. so this happened. people stopped going to superficial because the star doesnt go away!

  28. moreplease

    I don’t care about the new design but damn she looks hot. Gate of heaven!

  29. Seanote

    Your site sucks! Website redesigned by technical dumbasses = worthless piece of shit!

  30. DVDguy

    Photo is fake….

  31. noone

    Protip: new design sucks. WAY too many clicks to get myself in trouble at work. Remove at least one level of click please.

  32. M

    OMG you poor half wits who can’t figure out how to see the uncensored versions. Keep trying, idiots, you might get it eventually. Durrh how many shit-for-brains does it take to open a “NSFW” pic???!

  33. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Im a woman and even I have to say I was disappointed! I really thought it was gonna be an OB-GYN shot of her vag! Hahaha. Why I clicked at all is a mystery. I think I just thought it was gonna be something so shocking I dropped my cup of coffeee. (Like that time we got Dolph Lundgrens shlong! those were the days my friend!)

  34. uhh

    hahaha. U ppl so funny. Katy is a sexy beast. I agree that the site is harder to navigate, but I got it figureed out with minimal trouble.

  35. Fuckston

    Yeah, Katy, make a song glorifying the stereotypical “California Gurls” — fake, vapid, illiterate, money-grubbing attention whores who get by on their tits and ass. I guess it’s what she knows best, the dumb heap of really hot retardation.

  36. pat d.

    Not only was the redesign worthless but still no mobile site. I’m done coming here.

  37. Staci

    Cute dress!! LOOOVE the peeptoes!!
    And I’d lick Katy’s Kitty till her head spins!!

  38. cc

    I admit, her cheeks look very ‘clutchable’. Apart from her body, is she famour for a reason? Didn’t think so.

  39. Todd V

    New layout blows. All I see are stars when I should be seeing Kate Perry’s razor burn.

  40. JustGil

    New Superficial Sux……..just please don’t touch Geekologie

  41. yowillie

    Looks good enough to eat….

  42. Camellia

    At least she’s wearing underwear! It’s nice to see that someone has some decency these days.

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