1. Anon


  2. I wonder how long he had to practice the “rolling eyes so only whites show” to get it down pat. He can’t use a mirror so I imagine it going like:
    Westin: Ok, look now…am I doing it? am I doing IT???
    Goth buddy: yeah, you’re totally doing it!!
    Westin: Did it look cool?
    Goth buddy: it looked sweet Westin!! You gotta get a picture of that up on facebook!
    Westin: totally!! …and I told you to call me Darkseed.

  3. Hannam

    I’m still laughing about that Metalocoalypse photo you used before. Cannot be unseen.

  4. Ace of Spades

    People call it goth. I call it “Can’t live without Hair Metal.”

  5. Meh

    Douche. Bag.

  6. Dirtyjo

    lol what a poser

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