1. chelsea

    I think this picture says it all. I don’t care how big his penis is, I would never sit on that.

  2. Lindsey

    He is not chubby!! Vinny is HOT!!

  3. Michael

    WOW… they should’ve at least BLURRED the Licence plate!

  4. ummm

    lol yea i’m sure he’s probably very huge compared to all the deca dick “juice heads” she’s slept with…

  5. lisa

    That’s just gross…he has zero appeal…cover up that gut buddy! I just “barfed a litlle bit in my mouth”…ewwwww…I won’t touch him w/ a ten foot pole…

  6. dsb

    i’m so wondering what the majority of you fugly mofos look like. In the first pic he doesn’t even appear to have a stomach at all. The one’s after he’s hunched over. i know super skinny people that get a belly when they hunch over. So bottom line, would you rather have beefcake, and a tiny penis, or a more natural built dude (who can barely be considered medium built) with a huge cock?!? i’ll take the cock!

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