1. omfg

    what has she done to herself

  2. WTF?

    Thasalotta Botox.

  3. Ignatz Katz

    Stop doing that. It hurts.

  4. eatme

    now THAT is a classic duck face

  5. Hey

    Lara Flynn Boyle?

  6. ClassyDirtyChick

    My GOD she looks Awful.

  7. B.B

    She is looking more and more plastic…there’s something fishy about those eyebrows, the lips are obviously fake, had a nose job…what is so beautiful about this? What’s worse is that she did not need any plastic surgery to begin with, she was already strikingly beautiful… so lame.

  8. xerozs

    My world is over oO What da fuck was she thinking!

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