1. mk

    Does it move anymore?

  2. Korbin Dallas

    I’m over this bitch. Move on please. Other than her previously hot face, she brings not a damn thing to the table that we would hypothetically have sex on.

  3. PhillyB

    Say what you will, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that face on the other end of my weiner. Ever!

  4. Colin

    makes you realize how UNREALISTIC and plastic everyone looks with their make up and all the other shyt

  5. I still can't believe its not butter

    yupe thats definitly a case of premature botox

  6. no

    She’s so plastic now, it’s unbelievable.

  7. Great. Now we don’t even have to wait for vapid hot chicks to grow a single wrinkle before they go alien on our asses anymore. Darwin would be proud.

  8. mark

    This is one ugly looking She-Man. Even with all the make-up she has caked on she still looks incredibly manly. Yuk!!!!!!!!

  9. baby gets punch to the face

    paint her blue and i would think i’m watching Avatar in 3D

  10. M_D

    shes got the face of the creature in splice

  11. DancerForMoney

    Can you say “tranny”?

  12. ahhaha

    I love reading people’s comments on these blogs. They sound so stupid. Like that weird annoying girl in High School that says stupid things but think they are funny or witty. I’m baked.

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