1. Monch

    I think there’s some retarded aureola in that first pic

  2. Monch

    I meant third retarded pic. Maybe I’m retarded today

  3. fowler

    you’ve failed to notice a little areola action taking place

  4. jessica

    tat is nippppppppppple!! pic 3

  5. lisa

    yeah, nip in pic 3

  6. techman

    Another talentless Britney clone. A couple years ago, these chicks would have gone straight to porn or working slinging burgers but now they get recording contracts. And they wonder why no one wants to pay for ‘music’ anymore.

  7. Tara

    Her 15 minutes are lasting a lot longer than I would like. Terribly when the cool thing to do is be a drunken whore.

  8. Dick

    Um yeah shes retarded

  9. Holly

    nail biter?

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