1. Amominous

    This reminds me of the story a friend of mine told me about how he finally drove a Lamborghini Countac. He said it was the most god-awful car he ever drove. Everything was off, and reality trumped appearance. He said it was like dating the girl of your dreams and finding out she was a shallow, empty soulless corpse of a person. Now that I’ve finally seen Heidi’s boobs I understand exactly what he was saying….

  2. julie

    She is a gorgeous woman. But you would think that a little lift and tuck would be appropriate at this stage in her life if your going to go topless at the beach.

  3. tunaskroodle

    people commenting that heidi klum looks bad in this picture should be required to include a picture of themselves. especially the guys. that or a picture of a girl they’ve dated (not stalked).

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