1. eeo

    this pic is making me sad :(

  2. boing

    grandma, no!!!

  3. Ali

    Like, ew.

  4. The Brown Streak

    Her tits and stomach look like a face trying to escape her body…you’re welcome for the nightmares

  5. The Brown Streak

    Her tits and stomach look like a face trying to escape her body…you’re welcome for the nightmares…

  6. xprential

    WTF, do all majestic German Inflatables eventually crash and burn??

  7. KC


  8. boingo


  9. Jim

    This has utterly ruined topless pics for me… I hope I never see Jessica Alba topless anymore I could never take the disappointment.

  10. God, even small flat chested boobs sag.

  11. Looks like she visited the same Nigerian witch doctor that performed on her husband’s face. That’s a quality torso.

  12. wow

    The fact that everyone is commenting that she is nasty is almost hilarious. how old is she? she looks healthy, she seems active, she has aged gracefully…i am embarrassed for everyone that claims that this is horrendous. she’s not 18 anymore, and it is an extremely liberating feeling to be topless. did anyone think that perhaps this is for HER and NOT FOR YOU? I just feel bad for all of you, sincerely. I know people are going to respond with “i bet you are ugly” and “why are you on this site” but for one, I feel quite beautiful and I’m happy. Second, I’m on the site because Fish is fucking funny. But the people who read it and think he is speaking in seriousness are just lost. I hope you find some peace. Silicone and judgement don’t do much for you, in the grand scheme.

    • wtf

      Wow, I am totally with you. She looks great, she could use a couple of pounds (which I would be happy to donate), but we should stop hating on people who are comfortable in their skin. It is comments like that that are the reason so many people feel badly about themselves. Piss off the bunch of you and when you grow up and get a few years older you will realize just how wise WOW’s words are.

  13. ugh. if only they had gotten her 10 years ago. no one wants to see grandma nekkid. except those crazy germans.

  14. Motorboat Captain

    Alright, roll ‘em back up, I’ve seen enough.

  15. NYC I Banker

    Her “story” is that Victoria’s Secret hired her because she had big breasts for the runway. Now we know that it was all PADDED BRA and small boobies.

  16. argleblargle

    Why are all the other photos great quality, but the NSFW one looks like yeti/loch ness quality?

  17. Hugh Gentry

    gotta love perky nips after all those kids

  18. Red Hot Not

    Im suspecting there was some photoshop work done to those new Project Runway posters, where shes semi-nude and hott. hmm

  19. Freebie

    Wear a one piece swim suit – Please.

  20. Beefarino

    40+ y.o nipples are fantastic!

  21. Unclemeat

    Suddenly I have a hankerin’ for a couple pancakes!

  22. kimmykimkim

    “You are watching NatGeo.”

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I want to eat a cheeseburger and i want some deep grilled steak.
    fuck skinny!

  24. Ringo is Germish

    Me as a fellow German, who must fapp to her since it is my constitutional obligation is shocked by that boobs … I feel cheated on. What does that tits do at a Victoria Secrets show? Besides that: not bad for a 40+ mom of 4 …

  25. Audrey Jo

    Here´s what I learnt from VS underwear: it´s all padded! No wonder the models look extremelly skiny but with perky, tender, yummy boobs… (Plus they all pose making their mouths llok like moist semi-opened vaginas, in all pictures) Thing is: nature does not make that kind of combo. So do not try to find it around, guys, and do not suffer trying to mimic that, ladies.
    As for topless, aging…a few pounds more look and FEEL better in real life, although it does not make it for fashion camera shots.
    I still do not get why Heidi Klum is photoshoped featured naked to advertise a tv show designed mostly for gay men and women.

  26. Audrey Jo

    The breasts are actually cute. What makes it no so flattering is how skinny these poor models have to be to fit the bill.

  27. jess

    what a dumb saggy bitch.

  28. Hickok

    Damn Nature, you scary.

  29. Hickok

    Damn nature, you scary

  30. Nicole

    She did have large breasts to begin with, having children takes a toll on your breasts and the majority of women lose a cup size or two which is unfortunate but true. It’s just a part of life. I think she looks wonderful aside from the obvious lipo on the tummy area.

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