1. Grinder

    Does every female present us now with a … FAKE ASS squeezed into SPANX?

  2. Grinder

    … bock bock … chicken legs.

  3. TomBrady

    This must be what Indiana Jones felt like when the Ark of the Covenant turned out to be filled with Nazi face-melters.

  4. JP

    Spanx? Really? She shouldn’t need Spanx.

  5. dairy air

    Is that cheese?

  6. Grinder

    SPANX, chicken legs and cheese!

  7. sooooooosuperficial

    Chicken legs????? More evidence that Americans have been so overexposed to fat that they can no longer recognize great gams. Peruse the rest of the photos, my tortured friends, I believe your assessments may have been premature. Although, I agree on the Spanx, another unfortunate sign of the times that’s quite disappointing.

  8. eeyore

    Spanx and serious cottage cheese on those thighs! Amazing what un-retouched pix look like!

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