1. sad

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  2. elaine benes

    She probably should have gone to rehab…

  3. melissa

    lol she’s wearing a bathing suit as a shirt

  4. Mark

    Amy Winehouse dies within weeks of Betty Ford. Coincidence?

  5. bassackwards

    I would gladly trade her for lady gag-gag

  6. bassackwards

    She may have been a total druggie, but she had REAL talent, unlike Lady (make me) Gag-gag….. the wrong one died!

  7. She probably smells better now.

  8. Like-DUH!

    Geez, what a shocker, I wonder what the cause might have been (NOT). I can think of another dozen or so in Hollywood I’d like to see follow in her shoes. RIP girl, too bad you screwed up what could have been a great life.

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