1. hiya

    no matter how much plastic surgery this bitch could do.. that damn ugly face won t change, GAGA you re a fucking ugly whore ! keep spreading your legs whore, you re a original artist ! LMFAO UGLY SKANK

    • jeff

      @hiya, i think lady gaga has made it clear that she doesn’t try to be hot, sexy or anything your comment may be implying. whether you like her music or not, any idiot can see that her work is her expression, whether she looks good or not. so, considering how uncalled for your comment is, lets make some assumptions about you, as you did for gaga. you are probably a fat, almost 30 lonely female, who has had minimal male contact in her life due to being fat disgusting to most men. your life sucks, gaga’s doesn’t. hating on her won’t make your pathetic existence any better. grow up. oh, almost forgot LMFAO FAT BITCH

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