1. nicole


  2. Who is the big tall beast with the bolt ons? Is that another Kardashian, or just the little primate’s caretaker?

  3. philipp

    A wild brown pig appears. Brown pig uses lies… Its not very effective.

  4. Ben Dowver.


    opps, sorry i think i have puked in my mouth.

  5. mmm sure

    I dont care what you all have to say. Im sure she wouldnt touch any of you anyways.

    I on the other hand would fuck the shit out of her. She is adorable

  6. Sven

    People will always hate cause they nothing better to do with their time. Who the fuck cares?

    Snooki may not be ideal for most guys, but seriously, none of you will ever see or even fuck a celeb, even one as low on the totem pole as Snooki.

    But seriously, I’d fuck Snooki and her friend next to her. Got some nice fucking titties on both of them.

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