1. alien

    wow you americans really do amaze me… seriously this stupid fat ugly waste of space is who you hold up as you example of “celeb” now? Do you all have “snookie” (brilliant name by the way, totally appeals to the toddler mentality) t-shirts and posters?

    • absinthe

      her fame is based on ridicule. I would hope that no one takes her seriously; she’s not intended to be.

    • Absinthe is right, she’s famous because she’s lame. She’s fun to make fun of and makes us feel better about ourselves.

      • ktulu

        shes making millions still find that funny?

      • Dee

        Those millions are flushed down on the toilet after she had a large meal!

      • alien

        @ ktulu… yes I find it absolutely hysterical… what am I supposed to be impressed that the american mentality made this fat ugly untalented whore a rich and famous star? No… and that was exactly my point. Your country is a joke :)

    • Gary

      I would also agree with absinthe. I think people watch the show for it’s humorous quality. And everybody knows it’s just gonna be 15 minutes for them.

      • super

        love how alien probably lives in europe where the only celebrity they have there is soccer players or their girlfriends…

    • jersey shore loooover

      wow.. she is making more money than any of you and she’s a little chubby.. who the fuck cares.. have you seen america? fattest country kids

  2. Bmurphy72


  3. ktulu

    America makes these people stars…your country deserves to be destroyed.

    • Robot

      Wow you need to chill the fuck out. I have yet to met anyone that considers this bitch a “star” it’s just morons in the media that draw so much attention to her. As for wishing an entire country be destroyed based on this one person is ridiculous and chances are you’re not a very well liked person in your own country and i pity you.

      • ktulu

        go ahead and pity me fuck face…like a give too shits what some retard on the internet thinks. I pity your mom for the ass reaming I gave her last night.

      • ktulu

        that’s rich a guy that calls himself Robot on the internet pity’s me. Plenty of people like me …probably because I get outside once and awhile.

        …and I never said that I wish for America to be destroyed (learn to read) I said you deserve it. You do realize this is the sort of excess that most other nations hate you for right? No of course you don’t, you have your head up your ass. Go die.

      • eatme

        Hate us for, but secretly envy us for, you mean.

      • Kelley

        ” pity’s ” ??? What a riot … you mean pities …

    • Robot

      WHOA hold up first off I am out of my house all the time and have plenty of friends all around the world SECOND a WISH means to DESIRE and desire means to have the feeling of deserving so it means the same thing. Third I am I know many nations hate America, but not all do ALSO I am not American I am Filipino, and I don’t believe that any nation DESERVES to be destroyed you are obviously a nut case the gets off on being hateful. And i still pity you.
      PS my name is Robot because I build them as a hobby(I’m actually and English Teacher that travels through Asia) AND lastly I am a girl. OH SNAP I guess i just mad an argument with FACT and not random slander. Congratulation you are credit to your people.

    • Anne

      America is not the only home to idiots. You are obvious proof of that.

      • Anne

        I meant that as an argument to ktulu, not you, Robot. (Ktulu. Is that supposed to be Cthulu? So looking at you makes people insane? Nice choice, you’re pobably right)

  4. yawn

    she’s just a girl plucked from her dismal little life and thrust in front of a camera..
    and now she’s got her own little thing happening..
    good for her..

  5. chelsea

    i hope this girl knows how much of a fucking joke she is and doesn’t think she’s actually sexy in the least.

  6. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    For regular people it is ok, but considering that she is a famour person, she looks REPULSIVE. I think that she only take a bath every 2 weeks or every month. She is reslly disgusting.

  7. ktuluisanidiot

    ktulu – if you don’t like America, leave…and leave behind the freedoms that this country bestows upon you.

    • Mike

      Concerning ktulu, he/she/it probably doesn’t even live here. Even if he did, he is simply a troll, flaming his way across countless comment boards on the internet, just to stir up a reaction or two. And if he does “get outside once in awhile,” as he says, it’s only because his mom tells him to take out the trash. As with all trolls, stop “feeding” them, and they will go away.

  8. like2bcold

    do not want…please stop. there is a reason i dont watch that WHORE-able show.

  9. Randi

    This OnePiece would have been much better:) hahaha

  10. I just threw up in my mouth and it is better than seeing pictures of snooki. I guess she can’t call herself Fudgie the Whale. Carvel took that name a long time ago. A Fudgie the Whale right about now would be better then snooki anytime.

  11. Miz Liz

    OMG someone buy her some LIPOSUCTION!!!

  12. yowillie

    She’s a walrus skank.

  13. Bored with life

    That’s because she’s an ugly, fat, pig!

  14. kutu is a b*tch

    I like snooki and anyone who is not from america comes here bc their country has NOTHING

  15. ryeguy

    Somewhere in New Jersey there is a Krispy Kreme owner thanking his lucky stars that this fat cow is keeping him in business. Amazing that her and the “Jersey Shore” crew is something of interest to people to watch. Must be the train wreck to come that everyone is waiting to see happen.

  16. me.

    okay, seriously guys.. she doesn’t look particularly massive or insanely ugly. she just looks like one of the regular looking people you see on the beach who are a little uneasy with their body but is making the best of it. Basically, she might say it is because they are more sexy, but seriously when you get interviewed by a magazine your not gonna be like, oh yeah basically i am too self concious to wear a bikini. Also who, who has commented can say they have the perfect body? not cool guys not cool.

    oh and p.s I’m not fat so you can’t say i’m just saying this because I am. I’m saying it cause I think you’re all being unfair.

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