1. wtf is she posing for a heismann

  2. daisy

    Haters gonna hate.

  3. Im a 45 wf from soCal and I love Jersey shore and Snookie
    let her be you are only young once enjoy it

  4. Jonny

    She could afford to lose some pounds damn she a chubchub. Never knew how fat she was until these photos

    • natasha from sydney

      are you serious? um you are acting as if you are 16 my age and i don’t even do that, haven’t you realized that no everyone is stick thin, i aint skinny nor fat yet we all have improvements, even you, so fix your problems before you judge others, dont hate cos you aint :)

      • VinMac

        firstly, please learn how to write english correctly before attacking other people! Secondly, what is wrong with stating the obvious; she can too afford the loss of a few pounds!!! Its not like she isnt making beaucoup money… I believe its safe to say a personal trainer is within the budget!

  5. Jim from Virginia

    Just wait until her career is over and needs revival: She will discard her false modesty and be begging to pose in a men’s magazine to get out of the trailer park.

  6. John

    Did she look ina mirror when she tried this on? Shes way too fat to be wearing that bathing suit

  7. Derrick

    When I saw this pic, I threw-up. She looks so disgusting

  8. kire

    At least she’s in the water. The salt will help clean out the nasty.

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