1. Georgia

    Yeesh. The girl doesn’t have a terrible body… She just made an unfortunate choice.

  2. Nick

    Wow… That chick is GROSS… I am getting sick just looking at her! Put down the twinkies you fatty fat fat!

  3. Jim

    Someone needs to punch her in the face.

    Oh, wait…

  4. Vinny

    did I really bang this filthy pig?

  5. Shaggy

    Dude, I would hit this out the park…

  6. Jimmy

    she would actually look better in a bikini

  7. dobermanmom

    i can see that cookie diet is working well for her.


  8. I just threw up in my mouth after seeing two of snooki’s pics.

  9. I just threw up in my mouth again. It actually is better than seeing snooki.

  10. miss s

    im a size 0 and I like snooki she seems to be the best one on the show.
    Like a ball of fun !

  11. Lisa

    She just made a wrong choice in that swimsuit. Nothing wrong with having some extra pudge, but that swimsuit is designed for a woman with beautiful curves with a sexy stomach. A tankini would have been a much better option.

  12. Dan

    Everybody look’s good in bikini fat people speical needs some old people but not skinny bones people like stupid people like.

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