1. pretty dead

    lindsay lohan destroyed by plastic surgery?
    did she snort dr 90210?

  2. Jimm

    Snooki the little whore is going to have a elf!
    ha,ha cant drink anymore but you can still whore around, after all there’s a elf in you!!!

  3. spartacus

    This little shaved ewok is marrying a guy with so much fake tan he looks like he’s made from pooh. I’m lost.

  4. hillbillygirl45

    Wonder if an orange garden gnome can give birth to a troll doll? Or is SHE the troll? I get confused…..WTF ever, she just needs to go away!

  5. Lissa

    Can you really grab your fat and say that you’re pregnant? Is that a story?

  6. I swear to god…if I have to suffer seeing a “Snookie, nude and pregnant” photo, it’s all gonna burn. I’ll burn it all.

  7. Tennessee Ernie Chrysler

    Yuck. Does this mean someone actually stuck their dick in Snookie? That’s not really possible, is it?

  8. i hope US weekly didn’t pay too much for these “pregnant” photos of snooki’s booze belly. unless she is giving birth to a pitcher of margaritas…

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