1. zomgbie

    are these from the premiere of the conan on the planet of the apes movie?

  2. NYC I Banker

    SERIOUSLY: She used to rank a 3 on a scale of 1 – 10. Now she is looking a LITTLE better and maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10. NOW – be-gone fake tan, be-gone fake attitude, be-gone fake hair, be-gone fake fingernails, be-gone bad makeup – and it will be a great improvement … but will she ever be better than a 5 on a 1-10 scale?

    • tlmck

      If she grew a foot taller without getting wider, she might be a five. Other than her boobs, there is nothing there to like unless you are one of those only into boobs and don’t care what they’re attached to.

  3. Dave Mustaine

    Why does she always forget to bring her upper lip with her. She always leaves it at home.

  4. ohonore

    In her defense, she’s lost a lot of weight and no longer looks like a diseased sack of lard. Just an overweight young girl wearing too much makeup.

  5. SIN

    Hell, we would fuck her just for the freak factor.

  6. NYC I Banker

    What was Holly Madison thinking sitting next to Snookie? OH YES, that’s right … they BOTH sold their soul to reality television … one having sex with a walking corpse … and the other having sex with anything that wasn’t a walking corpse.

    • NYC I Banker

      Snooki with an “i” and no “e”. She dropped the “e” for savings … and skimped on her “e”ducation.

  7. Motorboat Captain

    They’re called Gamorreans.

    Also, the first time I tried to click on this story, my computer refused to open it. I should have taken its hint. True story.

  8. JAY

    Still covering up that fat cottage cheese ass. Dirty, nasty women like her and the Kardashians give a horrible name to the women of my generation.

    • roseyoungstewart

      kim k. isnt dirty. actually, shes very clean pretty, wealthy, stylish, beautiful hair beautiful everything. I wish in my next life I can look like her. If she was dirty youd be able to see it and you’d her about it i never saw any dirt on her. She not like some hobo or someone who wear pj’s in public …naw shes not dirty.

  9. Jillia

    The very definition of “lipstick on a pig”…

  10. Val

    OMG where the fuck does she her style tips??? How in the world got out with that makeup and whore rags????

  11. roseyoungstewart

    shes 4’8″ short. That qualifies her to be a dwarf or midget.

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