Why does anyone even waste their time on these Jersey Shore people? They are ALL just grotesque!!

  2. SuperStar

    She owns too much stuff. It’s just stuff. If she’s willing to throw it down the stairs she should be willing to throw it away or share it with someone who won’t throw it.

  3. Sara

    I like how her boobs are magically so perky they’d have to be fake in one photo and just normal boobs in the all rest. They have a huge black shading ring around them in that one. It doesn’t even look remotely real.

    • thg

      i think thats the shadow of a telephone wire above her, if you look down on the ground, her shadow is intersecting them.

  4. sara

    Sara, that line is from a cable on top casting a shadow.

    My question is how come the photographer didn’t give her a hand, a lady is a lady. Now if she acts like a bitch then you can throw her down the stairs.

  5. DrDoug

    Snooki who? Who is this Snooki?

  6. yowillie

    Fat P I G.

  7. booboo

    she would look better in a pearl necklace

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