1. diva


  2. Paul Phoenix

    I would hit this, and probably not even kill myself afterwards.

  3. J

    Do my eyes decieve me??? does she actually look good without makeup? dare I say sexy? I thought makeup was supposed to make you better looking not ugly your a$$ up?

  4. Gutttboy

    To my shame, I have always gotten a boner from this chick….

  5. CK

    ok, so apparently the duck lips are natural?

  6. tits mcgee

    she looks better without the clown makeup

  7. dave

    Damn she looks good.

  8. kingofbeer

    she looks way better without makeup. actually most women do.

  9. Maggie

    Wow so she actually is a Latina. Without the four tons of whore paint you can tell. She’s cute!

  10. arnieblackblack

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would hit it ’til she walked funny and I now feel vindicated in this decision. She’s rill perty

  11. wt

    damn! bitch is hot

    why the fuck does she hate herself>>>???

  12. Bahlder

    Wow, she is really cute. Why does she put on so much ugly makeup?

  13. Randy Landers

    I’ve never understood women who are addicted to makeup. I remember seeing Asia Carrera without her exagerrated Asian makeup and thinking she was really hot with the natural look. Same way with Snooky. Ladies, KISS — Keep Is Simply, Stupid

  14. Matt

    There’s no way that’s her… The nose is different, nostrils visible, mostly flat cheeks.. come on.

  15. Judge Ito

    “I’ll allow it in my court, but you’re treading on thin ice by ditching the clown make-up”

  16. Vato Con Safos

    Lil snokki looks beautiful without all that fricken make up. I like the young lady Nicole who is emerging from the Snooki reality show. She’s a cutie and I hope she is happy.

  17. maknaeluca

    She’s got such pretty eyes without all the jungle usually growing around them!

  18. bo

    she should never wear makeup again.

  19. Eric Cartman

    Shape of her head and nostrils are totally different from the pics with makeup. So either this non makeup one is photoshopped or this isn’t her.

  20. donzaloog

    If this really is Snooki, then I feel justified in always having been attracted to her. She should never wear makeup again. Now all she’s got to do is lose the pot belly and she’s golden.

  21. Latino

    She’s is latina, she is petite, glass hour figure, almond shaped eyes and full lips without the duck face!… I wish I can fcuk all of them…YUM!

  22. Average guy

    She does have make up on. Where are all the make up experts, to tell us she clearly has eye liner on.

    • Anna

      That’s just smudge from not removing it properly. Compared to all the crap she usually layers on to her face this is nothing..

  23. Brown Bunny

    she’s lucky she looks better w/o make up cause a lot of us will die if they stop selling mascaras or concealers. that said, i’d probly do her if i had a p-nis.

  24. Holy CRAP! Wow. She looks.. pretty. Like REALLY pretty. What a pretty girl.

  25. Ariah

    That’s not Snooki you idiots. She doesn’t even have the same bone structure. Try using your eyes and brains instead of believing the hype.

  26. Dave

    Ariah is right that is not Snooki, how could we all be so stupid!!

  27. GD

    Unfortunately, reality does not change history!

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