1. Oh Snap

    somebody call a paramedic. I’m sure something just broke

  2. The O

    If he would have just dropped the box of chocolates, he would still have his other arm.

  3. Seems they were out of the box labelled “douchebag whore”.

  4. And seriously, where are they walking…? It’s decorated like my office building.

  5. Rufus The Cat

    Dude does not know how to cary a pig home from market.

  6. eric

    It’s an EWOK humpbacking a moron…. Good thing her beaver is covered as I’m sure she is one with nature and has an amazon jungle between her wookie legs….

  7. truth

    weight of the worlds

  8. “A monogrammed diaphragm case, Just what I wanted!”

  9. Christina

    Just God Awful…

  10. GingleJanglez

    I didn’t know the Tauntaun rode Luke Skywalker. George Lucas was full of shit.

  11. scott1023

    100 bucks says this dude fractured a disk in his back carrying this troll around and now has to have his shirt dry cleaned cause we all know she left a foul stain on it !!! Sweet dreams you poor bastard..

  12. Ed

    Dignity: You’re doing it wrong.

  13. Is it me or do they kind of look like brother and sister?

  14. dead peter

    So I think this establishes who’s the pitcher and who’s the catcher in this relationship.

  15. Grace

    I love Snooki. I love Snooki so much.

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