1. Ms Me

    Am I the only one that isn’t surprised her box contains something dark and cream filled?

  2. slappy magoo

    So this is what she does to get diabetics to f*** her?

  3. bernard

    if i were him, i’d vomit on her face in the moment

  4. Cock Dr

    Poor greedy sap. He’ll never live this down.
    He could rescue an Obama daughter from drowning in the Potomac river, but the first line of his obituary would still be “dated “Snookie” of Jersey Shore infamy”.

  5. cc

    Happy V.D.ay buddy

  6. Blergh

    What happened two seconds after this photo was taken:
    Snooki yells “Psych!” and gobbles up that piece of chocolate herself.

  7. eric

    EWOK and Wookie mate to create snookie…..

  8. Not for nothing, but that dude is gay. Remember who called it.

    • TLM

      He’s too good looking to be with her, that’s for darn sure. Didn’t she claim to like juicehead guidos anyway? How did she wind up with a guy who looks like he should be in a Gap ad???

  9. Christina

    His eyebrows are nicer than mine….

  10. Lanz

    I just about pissed myself laughing when I saw this! Nothing about this photo shoot is okay. Why is she promoting herself as sexy? Even if she didn’t look like a burn victim her personality is disgusting enough to stay away. She is no princess, just a spoiled whore who has no talent, sexy appeal or real world skills. But put stupid people on TV and stupid people will watch it at home. FUCK!

  11. Lanz

    Not quite a burn victim, but she has nothing to offer. She is VERY short, overweight, ugly hair, fake tan and fucky eyes. And her voice kills me. Every time I heard her whine I wanted to choke someone! Did that shit really work on her parents? I dont understand how someone can develop so many ugly mannerisms. Blame the fucking parents. And I hope everything about her character is blown out of purporting just for the show, but I doubt it. Before I even knew anything about the Jersey Shore, I knew enough about Snooki to be thrilled when I heard she got punched in the show. All of the other characters are just as bad! Its painting a bad picture for people.

  12. Rebecca



    …….that is all.

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