1. DM

    Wtf@ jelly rolls over her tits…

  2. poorlola


  3. Jess

    Did Snooki just have a stroke?

  4. Marco


  5. eric

    How disgusting that he will have sex with an EWOK for fame… Snookie reminds me of a bad porno movie where they may have experimented with animals back in the 1970’s. Pretty much a dumb, useless broad that offers nothing to society except good zoo jokes…

  6. Christina

    Like srsly thought she would have lost the weight by now. Not being mean but she’s average size. Heck, Was-her-name Pratt did!

  7. Metalhaid

    The question is, WHY do VH1, E!, and Superficial insist on posting garbage like this? I never even HEARD of this troll before I made the mistake of going onto this website.

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