1. duder

    Where does her head hair end and her pit hair begin?

  2. darla

    Is that the dish they’re serving this valentines day. I never realized that sausage is the new Aphrodisiac. What restaurant are they serving this dish?

  3. Matt

    And you thought those little candy hearts tasted bad…

  4. Ned

    I’m straight, but I’d do a dude before I’d screw that pile of excrement

  5. Ken

    A rectangle with arms and a head of hair. Meh.

  6. Metalhaid

    Looks like a jet flew into one of those candy conversation heart factories and left carnage all over the place. What a train wreck. Where are the hearts that say, “WTF! GET IT OFF ME!!”

  7. Double D

    Not enough coke in the world…

  8. ProstituteForMoney


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