1. danny

    Give her a week or so, she’ll be back to porky. Alcohol does that to a person.

  2. DAH

    Trying to be sexy; fail. Someone hand her a drool cup!

  3. nat

    why is all but one pose exactly the same

  4. me

    Ewww…clean your mirror you orange, wonky eyed fucking pig!

  5. fire

    So yeah, I can’t STAND Snookie. She is like a slutty oompa loompa. Having said that, She only looked like a porker/fatty because she’s a short chick with big bazongas. Almost every girl I know that falls victim to being short with big tits looks heavier than they actually are. She’s no mimi from the Drew Carry show or anything…Still, I can’t stand Snookie, and all of her poses are stale. Damn Oompa Loompette.

  6. lordfuckhead

    she looks fat as fuck to me

  7. Just fucking say it

    This girl would be talented if holding your breath and sucking your gut in was considered talent.

  8. NOB.S.

    At least she beer goggle fuckable now. That plushy ewok look was not working, she was the only slut on the planet who couldn’t even get a drunk dude to fuck her.

    Good for her, still annoying as shit, but god for her.

  9. meh..

    snooki doesn’t deserve this much hate like seriously wtf is wrong with you guys get a life. as if you have the right to slander any one when your just a no body behind a computer. at least shes putting effort into fixing her figure up not that it needs to bo fixed and I personally think she looks gorgeous..

  10. Lacey

    she’s no were near as ugly as people make her out to be she about a 6 but her personality makes her a 4 long with her gross tan, stupid clothes, and lack of talent.

  11. batuco

    Bout time the lil porker came to grips with her weight problem. 100% more better!!! Now she needs to work on shoes that fit.

  12. Panda

    Good for her

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