1. nikki

    her shoes are entirely to big….

  2. Nikitaku

    Awww… mommy let her wear “big girl” shoes.

  3. s'up bitches

    Nothin’ sessier than a shaved ewok. Too bad she missed the hands.

  4. Sassy

    “They told me that swallowing semen is like having negative calories. Look what it did when I rubbed it over my entire body!”

  5. Justin

    Wow I think she is looking very hot…Way better that the old Snok…I hate the show and I hate the cast, But she is looking very hot now…Better than the other trashy girls on the show (please not Iv only seen 1 episode of JS) and I was ready to end my life from the horrible fake reality BS…But on the plus side I would turn her out for sure…Snoki Im in Arizona come visit lol…jk

  6. Justin

    Guys dont care if a shoe is to big or not…Why is everyone picking out every little flaw? Are you really looking at the gap at the back of her shoes in the pics? Wow….And you felt that was importaint enough to take the time and comment on that…ok well to each there own I guess, I think she did a great job with what ever it is she did to get hot lol. Mad Props Snoki (God is that her real name?)

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