1. Lohan Stole my Necklace

    No less trashy and untalented.

  2. jesse

    I understand she’s only a reality “star” with no real discernible talent. But yet, a nice comment every now and then wouldn’t hurt. And she does look alot better. So kudos to you snooki!

  3. Straight dude

    Nice jugs. Would bang, would *not* date.

  4. Nice try Rosanne, now where’s Snooki?

  5. You can take the fat out of a whore but you can’t take the whore out of fat

    • icontom10

      I always thought snookie was hot, but I am so proud of her to worry enough about her health and to look so much more gorgeous, she is going places and i think she should start to due auditions for movie roles she has a wonderful personality and deserves a shot at a great film and allow much more people to see the good’s she posesis , snookie straight truth your a star and you should go for it all your hot on the fryin pan now so cash it in and you will be set and on fire for a long time to come your simply gogeous and hey if you ever get to philadelphia please allow me to take you to dinner . written from Thomas Barasso

  6. RickyLong

    That’s not even an Ewok, much less snooki.

  7. RickyLong

    What exactly is she growling at in that first picture? And is that fur growing on her hand? She must be on Sheen’s “tiger blood” diet.

  8. photographer:” Give me sex, seduce me, make love to the camera….or you know, look like a walrus in heat, that works too”.

  9. Unimate

    Say what you will, but her breasts look supremely motorboatable right there.

  10. jt

    2.5 weeks ago at wrestlemania she was still the same fatass she was before, you sayin all this happened in 2.5 weeks? i call bullshit

  11. zomgbie

    she could lose another 25 lbs if she got rid of the orange.

  12. Steve

    Hmm…yup, still gross.

  13. Ismoss

    Ah, now I know what that power blip was the other day. The nuclear power plant being taxed by the liposuction machine needed to pull all that out.

  14. Mike Styles®

    I don’t care how much weight she lost she still looks like a midget ewok.

  15. jessicado

    Why the hell is she posing exactly the same in every single picture?

  16. Racer X

    She was more fuckable FAT.

    /stupid white bitch!!!

  17. Brooke

    I think she does look thinner. Now if only she’d drop the trashy lifestyle…

  18. JCKW

    “Some people believe that getting thinner will make you more attractive… … … it’s kind of subjective.”

  19. Kayne East

    In this picture, it appears as though WE have been the victims of angles and weird shirts

  20. They used more CGI for these photos than Avatar.

  21. Sassy

    “Shit, fewer fat rolls make it harder to tuck convincingly… Must..not…unclench! Dammit, how does that skinny bitch Fergie do it??”

  22. mekks

    She’s totally sucking it in. You can’t lose like fifty pods overnight.

  23. levi

    after Joan Rivers used a body double, it’s amazing anyone thinks any of these people have real bodies! yikes!

  24. American Meatgoat

    I’m in the Arizona desert, I’ve taken 8 hits of LSD and I’ve been drinking my way to the bottom of a bottle of Dos Guzanos Mescal. I convince my trip handler that this is a perfect time for her to learn how to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun.

    What I’m saying is I’ve been that high, and still can’t imagine sticking my penis in Snooki.

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