1. Pauly D

    still gross as hell…..eeeck

  2. why is she doing the same poses in all the pics?

  3. hank

    thin or fat, still a cum dumpster. Better to masturbate into a garbage can—same result.

    Got to wonder how her parents feel??? In all of the 5 minutes of that show I ever watched, she complains about kicking her latest hook up out of bed in the morning because “he doesn’t know how to snuggle”, and then says “my vagina is killing me”. If I was her father— I’d kill her, dance on her grave singing Alleluia, and God would grant me instant Sainthood for casting her ass down with the Sodomites.

  4. Amby

    still facking short

  5. Wow

    the average american is obese so this ewok looks fine… Though, i d love to see her wearing white clothes so we can really see her “dramatic weight loss”

  6. nothing about this woman is attractive….

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