1. Between the saggy ass, the saggy tits, muffin tops and old people, this looks like the party of the century to be missed.

  2. You didn’t say it was a “The Biggest Loser” pool party.

  3. alicat

    at first I thought you were just making a joke about surrounding yourself with uglier girls….but sweet lord – those are some ugly girls. You would think in Vegas they would have at least discovered plastic surgery or eating disorders.

  4. Man, what a sausage fest.

  5. heidi doby

    Thank god Snooki and the other fat girl left their tops on. Come on Snooki, girl go on a diet. That sht is nasty

  6. Storm

    I thought the most horrifying images I would see all week would be the tsunami and earthquake damage in Japan.

  7. Robin

    I think I threw up in my mouth. Honestly, she’s supposedly like 5 years younger than me but she looks like and and has an ass like a 40 year old …. hmm

  8. jen

    umm…are they barking at each other?

  9. SueA

    And to think they put this girl on the cover of Rolling Stone. I didn’t think RS could go any lower or lose any more relevance, but clearly, I was wrong.

  10. Terence

    Snooki needs to keep her cloths on or go on a diet . I mean quick fast and in a hurry. She’s not white or Italian she was adopted. She is hispanic from Chile, but she grew up in upstate NY.

  11. firstofthefallen

    It looks like a hoggers paradise!

  12. Tally

    Stop being so mean, guys! Snooki’s an awesome chick! All the

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