1. Is she serious with this? She is HUGE. I am a size zero and I would still not wear a full on bikini in public. How humiliating are these photos? Do these people not realize they are making asses of themselves? Gross, this is so trashy and people actually like these low class people.

    • JR

      oh please, come on, not everybody has to be overly obsessed with their weight! If she’s happy with her body and can be proud of who she is without being a size zero- kudos to her. You should be jealous of the confidence she has that you’re lacking, rather than being disgusted.

      • Really JR? Pride without accomplishment? Confidence without ability? That’s something to envy?

        Self reflection is not a liability, it’s a internal “spell-check” built in to prevent this sort of ass-clownery. Just because somebody doesn’t have self doubts doesn’t mean they aren’t a piece of shit, it usually means the opposite.

  2. elle

    Pretty sad

  3. JP

    can somebody please tell me how do you get a ass that big into a bikini that small????

  4. Andrew

    Shut the hell up @JP @ELLE @ LAFAB2001 some people can not help their weight, get a life assholes.

    • DM

      They might not be able to help it, but they can wear clothing the correct size. No reason her ass should be sucking those shorts faster than she can finish a dozen of dunkin’ donuts.

    • That is true Andrew. But is they have any regard for their fellow human beings they don’t have to put that crap on display.

  5. The Truth

    she is cock deisel, I bet she becomes a wrestler or monster truck driver.

  6. smurfies

    How is this fat little discusting slob ( that thinks she’s an A-lister ) get so popular and make so much money with her filthy mouth.

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