1. bb

    oh my jesus fuck that is disgusting

  2. Senor Trout

    Wow! That whole ‘As a fat kid, I keep my shirt on at the pool to hide my fatness’ strategy is paying serious dividends.

  3. Double D

    Wow. Right past cankles and straight to thankles. Yup – thigh/ankles.

  4. Storm

    Her legs look like drumsticks from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Except not the kind I want to bite in to.

  5. Snooki Lover


  6. Snooki Lover

    And yes, I meant that un-ironically.

  7. billa bong

    Please stop publishing anything about her — let her go away.

  8. Emilay

    with the heels, i’m going to put her at 3ft. TOPS.

  9. LM

    can you beleive this pig is getting rich on TV ? We’re doomed charlie brown !!!

  10. Tally

    Snooki, I still love ya, hottie!!!!!! KEEP ON BEING YOU! You’re perfect!

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