1. Hagbard

    She’s like Danny DeVito with boobs…

  2. Rachel

    if danny devito wore a wig…

  3. doucheatdookchutedotdill

    yeah, you’re both unoriginal fuckfaces.

  4. Yeah Snooki being arrested was probly 4 her own good, hopefully she learned not 2 violate again!! & that Devito joke was a classic 1, I mean Snooki is very short like a dwarf/midget!!! Lol, that was very funny…..

  5. marsupialpilot

    Those poor, poor young men…they knew they’d see horror when they became cops but they never expected this…The one on the right probably clawed his eyes out in the patrol car and the one on the left has clearly suffered brain trauma.

    I would have chewed my hands off at the elbow before I patted that greasy little gashflasher down….

  6. BadBitch

    um u guys r just haters Snooki probably looks better than all yall so just shut the fuck up!!! btw i wuv u snooki!! lol

  7. mikel

    she should´ve been tazed

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