1. anthony

    she is a pig…

  2. Rachem

    …love that the lady with the mic is trying not to stare directly at what is happening in front of her.

  3. Cock Dr

    Is this a fair representation of New Jersey? I’ve never been there.

    • AW

      No, not a fair representation at all. I grew up in Ocean City, NJ which is right ON the shore and I never saw anything like these people.

      • VinMac

        HellOoOoO its TELEVISION!!!! they are paid ACTORS!!! EVERY show one sees on MTv is either scripted or staged/adlibbed… i was on a show 3 years ago, and its definately acting…

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  5. electrolady

    worst thing to happen at a beach since the oil spill.

  6. Greg H

    I’d take oil spill over this crew any day.

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