1. Jase

    She certainly looks odd being as thin, but she just can’t win.
    Either she is too heavy and made fun of, or too thin and ridiculed.
    Trying to be and stay the ideal weight to maintain desire-ability to the media and public would be maddening.
    I do have to say though, the getup is hard on the eyes.

  2. Katie

    I saw her YEARS ago at a club in Hollywood back when she was supposedly fat. She had to at least have been a size 8. She wasnt big at all. She just has a fat little face with chipmunk cheeks.

  3. Robert

    She looks liek her father in drag. Lets see how long this skinny thing will last.

  4. gigi

    I keep hearing Colonel Klink’s voice in my head – HOOOOOGAAAAAN?!

  5. Luce

    Well if she just split from her fiance Luke Worrall then it’s probably a heartbreak diet. Where you get really depressed and can’t eat. And are really unhappy. But yeah she SHOULDN’T EXIST. Cunts

  6. Bob

    Some plastic surgeon made lots and lots of money here. Bet she has scars for days. But with her set, that might be a good thing.

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