1. Hugh Gentry

    where is her sex tape?

  2. AnnaDraconida

    She looks like Lady GooGoo.

  3. ®ustymustdie

    she still has a giant pumpkinhead & nasty tattoos.

  4. dumb bitch

    dumb bitch, dumb tattoos…

  5. S J West

    Yeeeas!? At last?! The final photos before this horrific bitch dies of whatever slimming pill she’s downing 10 times a day. She’s fat bitch at heart, just look at her parents. Substaining that weight will kill her very soon, and good riddance to her.

  6. Bored with life

    What the fuck? Take much Meth?

  7. Poondock

    I want to sniff her inner thigh

  8. paco

    well she is slim now, but what about it giant lollipop head? there is a surgeon for that too?

  9. jaseb

    she´s looking better now. i would fucked her

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