1. Hairy arms,hairy pits,no make-up,tacky tats,a bald head and military boots under a pink dress…you cant get any more femine than that…
    *just puked a little in my own mouth*

    I can smell B.O,cigarettes and booze when I look at this pic…god knows what kinda nasty gunk heĀ“ll find in the vaginal area (asuming this person is actually a woman).

  2. cp3

    Well, at least she knows he’s not marrying her for her looks.

  3. She has more hair on that arm than her head…

  4. Solyenitzin

    Is she marrying John Mcenroe?

  5. Terry

    Bitch’s right arm looks like a fucking man’s!

  6. Rob

    Man hands

  7. Rob

    …oh, and dog jowls

  8. Kat

    I bet everyone who commented on here is just drop dead gorgeous and ageless right? Right. Anyway, Sinead was once very beautiful, but we all get older. She was probably one of the only women I can think of who was still a looker with a shaved head! Can’t people ever just wish someone happiness instead of being such jerks?

  9. Lucy

    Of all the Difficult Browns in the world, she’s the Difficult Browniest.

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