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Taylor Armstrong In A Fireman Outfit Or Something

Not pictured: guy smoking crack and burning trash in the alleyway, rambling to himself about how he discovered cold fusion. More »

Russian Singer Hanna Ivanova at The Beach, Halsey Dressed As A Sexy Bellhop, And Link-Beef

Halsey’s music is like skid row Katy Perry (which is kinda cool) and she’s into taping her boobs down with hockey tape so she’s got a bright future in showbiz. Also Kate Middleton saw a bigass cake, Scott Disick is drowning in ass, and Ja Rule’s ass is getting served… ass.More »

Good Morning! Joanna Krupa Is Pretend Naked Again

Dear Joanna, wearing something like this to a TGI Friday’s will not score you free apps – but you’ll definitely find a couple sad, married guys at the bar to buy you a round of raspberry LIT’s. More »

Shh! Ricky Martin Is Acting!

Do not interrupt Rico’s process! He is in love with a zombie boy and he does not care who knows it! *snaps fingers and throws ass out* More »

Lana Del Rey Is Probably Banging G-Eazy

If the paps catch you together three times in the same week, the basic rule of thumb is to just assume you’re going to smashtown. More »

Joanna Krupa’s Side Boob Is Totally Not A Paparazzi Coincidence

Whaat!? She broke it off with her reality TV husband and now the pap plugs are flooding pictures of her doing menial shit!? No wayyyy! More »

The New Mother’s Day Skittles Commercial Is Giving People The Willies

Skittles has been vibing on surrealist ads for a while now, everyone needs to cool their jets and grab an ice cold Fresca or something. More »

Bella Thorne: Truck Stop Cruella de Ville and Link Beef Queen

That guy from 90210 is running for Congress because we love politicians who aren’t politicians now,  of course people were dicks about Jimmy Kimmel’s kid, I want the new Blade Runner to be my boyfriend, and more … More »

Christiana Cinn Sprays Sticky Stuff Everywhere

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I imagine every pool party is just like this… a bunch of old guys paying $65 to hang out with strippers and drink Bud Lite Lime. More »

Steven Seagal Needs New Friends

He’s been hobnobbing with a who’s who list of Eastern European power-goons, now he’s banned from the Ukraine… Who wants to take bets someone’s neck gets snapped? More »

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