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Britney Spears Went to a Sports Show, Ya’ll!

Sources say she was infatuated by the “big ol’ TV they had in the middle of the hooper-ball stadium.” More »

Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Chris Martin Come to Brunch With Her Boyfriend

All I can say is wow… More »

Disney Surprisingly Isn’t Casting a White Chick to Play Mulan

Sorry, Emma Stone, you’re going to have to sit this one out. More »

Matt Lauer Is a Bigger Douche Than We Thought

For the record, I always thought he was a douche, but I never knew he was the kind of douche that would bang a married woman until she passed out and just leave her on the floor like a cum sock. More »

Demi Rose Mawby’s Cleavage Went to a Thing

Also… Betheny Frankel in a bikini, Serena Williams shamelessly promoting a website during her honeymoon, and new developments in Matt Lauer’s unwanted cockplay. More »

Cringe of the Day: Matt Lauer in a Sexual Harassment Parody Video From 2012

Ohhhhhohoho! GOTTEM! More »

Oh Shit! A Movie Trailer Double Feature Post!

First, we’ve got a big purple CGI Josh Brolin crushing skulls in the new Avengers trailer. Followed by Christopher Plummer being hastily recut into the J. Paul Getty movie! Don’t forget your popcorn! More »

Stella Maxwell and Bella Hadid Doing Model Stuff

And by “model stuff” I don’t mean that they’re sitting around in a basement huffing glue and trying to put together a shitty toy airplane, I’m just saying that they effortlessly look really attractive. More »

Here’s a Picture of Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein… Take a Guess What This Post Is About!

HINT: Katie Holmes has nothing to do with this, but keep an eye on her Twitter anyway just in case she says something… More »

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Director Defends Johnny Depp’s Abusive History… It Doesn’t Go Well.

Apparently David Yates thinks that because Amber Heard was the only one to accuse Johnny Depp of being abusive, then he probably deserves the benefit of the doubt… DUH-OK! More »

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