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Jared Kushner Registered to Vote as a Female


James Cameron Needs to Chill With The ‘Wonder Woman’ Stuff

James Cameron needs to just keep his mouth shut on this one, he’s not going to win. More »

Steven Seagal Sleep Talking About World Issues Made My Day

Steven Seagal weighs in on Vladmir Putin, the NFL, and his affinity for spray-on hair color in a way that would put your drunk uncle on Thanksgiving to shame. More »

Another Kardashian Ratings Baby for The Ratings, Baby!

This guy is TORQUED! More »

Angelique Witmyer Clearly Has Her Hands Full

Sure she may not be an actual mermaid, but that doesn’t mean she can’t flop around in the surf whilst holding onto her breasts. That’s what mermaids do, right? More »

Rapper B.o.B. Wants Help Proving The Earth is Flat

I thought this whole flat earth thing was over? More »

Bella Thorne Is Back Into Chicks Again, If That’s Something You’ve Been Waiting For

Fashion’s favorite swamp thing is having a fling with a desperate YouTuber. This relationship is like if Buffalo Wild Wings hooked up with T.G.I. Friday’s. More »

The Buttqueen Got A Foot Rub And Said Something About Equality

“I think all women should be equal to men… except for Olga. She’s only good for rubbing the bunions on my feet.” More »

Heidi Klum is Single… And Topless

Heidi Klum has confirmed her split with Vito Schnabel. We’re coping with the sad news by posting pictures of the couple at their best moment (when Heidi’s boobs were out). More »

Hailey Baldwin’s Side Boob Buys Its Own Groceries

Hailey Baldwin has one of the most independent pairs of breasts in Hollywood and we’re very proud of them. More »

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