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Mindy Kaling Created Another Human

Mindy Kaling’s paternally-fluid baby came out, and it’s a girl. More »

Watch Out Tinder, Brad Pitt Is “Casually Dating”

Let’s just say the guy’s got a lot of baggage… that he won’t hesitate to toss onto a fuel truck and drive off a tarmac. More »

Blanca Blanco Doing Bikini Things and Other News

Bikini things: They’re things you do in a bikini, what more is there to know about it? More »

Chloe Khan: Cartoon Cleavage in Repose

Remember when you were 9-years-old and drew a stick figure with huge circles on its chest? Well, it came to life. More »

Kevin Hart Told Jokes on SNL, People Got Mad

Kevin Hart received major backlash on Twitter after the Jumanji actor made some sexist jokes on parenting in his Saturday Night Live opening monologue. More »

Kate Upton’s Cleavage Played Tennis in Slow Motion

Today we have Kate Upton playing tennis on a racquetball court in heels and a swimsuit that’s one-size too small… for feminism and stuff. More »

Justin Bieber Is Giving Selena Gomez’s Mom High Blood Pressure

She allegedly had to be taken to the hospital after a conversation with her daughter about the Maple Christ’s second coming. More »

Hee-Doggy! They Dun Put Momma June in Her Underbritches

Mama June is taking pictures in lingerie now so if someone can tweet at Kim Jon Un and tell him we’re ready to be annihilated, that’d be greaaaat. More »

Winnie Harlow Touching Herself in Front of a Mirror… for Feminism

Baron Samedi’s hot daughter seems to be doing well for herself… More »

Matt Damon Damonizes Sexual Misconduct, God Damonit!

Matt Damon said “we can work with” Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct and correct this culture of outrage. What could go wrong? More »

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