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Scott Disick Just Made Christmas Really Weird for Lionel Richie

Scott Disick is giving off some Marky Mark in Fear vibes nowadays. More »

Some People Want to Cancel Matt Damon’s Cameo in ‘Ocean’s 8′

Matt Damon thinks there is a sexual harassment spectrum with different levels of badness — BURN HIM AT THE STAKE! More »

Val Fit ‘The Nike Girl’ Makes a Crappy Sandcastle

If you even want to call it a sandcastle… honestly it’s more of a sand-gloo. More »

Khloe Kardashian Wants You to Know She’s Actually Pregnant

We knew this months ago, but whatever… nothing matters anymore. More »

Lauren E. Hubbard Slangin’ Bikini Selfies

It’s an American tradition… More »

Justin Bieber Talking to Ex-Girlfriend About Jesus Lands Him in Doghouse

“Thou must spread the word of Christ to thine former booty calls.” —Bieber 6:21 More »

T.J. Miller Crossed the Wrong Trans Woman

Calling a trans woman a “weird, strange, terrible man” in an email? What’s the worst that could happen? (She released the email, this is the worst that could happen.) More »

Video: Alexis Ren Working Out in Underwear

More LOVE Magazine Advent stuff in the name of feminism. Today Alexis Ren squats the patriarchy in a thong. More »

Scott Disick Bought His Kid a Motorcycle for Christmas WTF

Nothing says “sorry I was gone all year getting drunk in France” like buying your 8-year-old a motorbike. More »

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging This Model Now

Let’s see… blonde, under 25, and an international modeling contract — yep… it all checks out! More »

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