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Marc Anthony Doesn’t Know Jennifer Lopez is Spreading The Cheating Rumors

“Marc, it’s okay. Now, tell us where her butt touched you.”

In his first post-divorce interview, Marc Anthony says absolutely nothing interesting at all except that his split from Jennifer Lopez wasn’t “sensationalistic” and that he doesn’t know where all these rumors come from. Probably because he still loves Jennifer making him blind… More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s Breasts Hosted a Pool Party and Other News

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- Julie Bowen is trying to destroy her twins’ lives by embarrassment. [Huffington Post]

– Meet the star-studded new cast of Dancing With The Stars. [Dlisted]

- Matt Damon thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is the greatest actress he’s ever worked with. [Lainey Gossip]

-More »

JWoww’s New Face is Breathtaking

What you’re looking at is JWoww hosting at PURE Nightclub on Friday with her new face that she wants people to believe is simply the result of routine weight loss through diet and exercise and not plastic surgery which is an interesting thing for someone whose thighs I could live off of for the winter… More »

Remember When Britney Spears and Madonna Made Out? Lady GaGa Did

For those of you lucky enough to lead healthy, productive lives full of purpose and meaning, the MTV VMAs were last night, Lady Gaga dressed like Ralph Macchio and Richard Lewis love-child the entire time and referred to herself as Jo Calderone during stand-up sets that made you want to snort the Hantavirus. Now, for… More »

You’ll Believe A Woman-Beater Can Fly

Thanks to a fanbase of young girls who are all too eager to accept that a woman has it coming to earn the favor of their beloved idol, Chris Brown was invited to perform on last night’s VMAs where someone thought it’d be an awesome idea to make him fly. Because that’s what’s missing from… More »

Sinead O’Connor is Really Horny

“Why aren’t you a penis?! ARRRGGHHH!!”

Sinead O’Connor looks like this now, so keep that in mind as you read the personal ad she posted to her blog over the weekend that people are only just now catching onto because, honestly, we all thought she was dead. I posted the full text after… More »

Britney Spears Wanted To Be a Teacher

Back in March, Britney Spears told Out that she wanted to be a lawyer when she grows up, but those answers were provided via e-mail (Read: By a publicist.), so here she is doing a phone interview with Popjustice where she says she would’ve been a teacher if she didn’t become a popstar because she… More »

Jersey Shore’s Deena Banged A Chick

Welcome to the Sex Buffet. Population: Ladies.

While filming in Italy, Jersey Shore’s Deena somehow managed to hook up with a chick The Situation brought home for himself, so I think it’s safe to say these kids are carting home cadavers now. That’s the only explanation here. Via Us Magazine:

Unfortunately… More »

‘I Demand Kelly Brook on a Cycle!’ The Mayor of London Said, And So It Was

“And be sure she peeps me tackle- Oh, very good.”

Because the British are an adorable nation of chimney sweeps and street urchins with a keen mastery of politics, the mayor of London launched his new Sky Ride today and per Parliamentary custom he demanded a pair of giant knockers preside over the… More »

This Is Why No One Likes Atheists

Nope. Nothing pretentious here.

Photo: Splash NewsMore »

Kris Jenner Manages Kris Humphries Now

Because Kris Jenner runs the tightest Sasquatch whorehouse in Beverly Hills, it only makes sense that she’s going to manage Kris Humphries’ career now because that’s what good mother-in-laws with the same name as you do after talking you into an entirely fake marriage to their daughters. It’s their way of saying, “Welcome to the… More »

Jennifer Lopez is a Talented Performer and Other News

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- John Slattery just let everyone know he knocked up January Jones. [Huffington Post]

- Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison will prove that reality TV truly has no bottom. [Dlisted]

- Sharon Stone looks great as Aphrodite in Gods Behaving Badly, but will there be… More »

Pregnant Cameron Diaz Looks Natural

Mostly because I think they’re contagious, I don’t spend a lot of time around pregnant woman as illustrated by my lack of ability to even recognize one. That being said, I’m pretty sure they don’t look like assless male marathon runners who magically sprout a perfectly round belly like Cameron Diaz’s character in What ToMore »

David Hasselhoff is The Gay Matrix Now

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Here’s David Hasselhoff performing at something called G-A-Y London which I naturally assume is some sort of club where they hold Fantasy Football draft parties. I guess I could use someone else’s computer to actually look up this place and find out what it really is, but that would… More »

This is Brad Pitt’s Assistant

Last week, the Internet was aflutter after photos surfaced of Brad Pitt with a comely young assistant, Lara Marsden, on the set of World War Z.

This is that assistant.

Now, while most people might be inclined to say Angelina Jolie better watch her back now that there’s a younger woman… More »

Octomom’s Showing Off Her Scars Now

“For the last time, lady, we know how you got those scars. Quit askin’.”

If you can’t tell by the Snooki pool party post, it’s lunchtime on the east coast, so here’s Octomom showing off her pregnancy scars at a celebrity boxing match over the weekend because apparently Octomom celebrity boxes now. Anyway,… More »

Rihanna’s Stage Presence is a Symphony of Poise, Grace and Other News

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- Victoria Justice’s camel toe in a bikini, anyone? [Egotastic]

- Jeffrey Ross apparently has no idea who Charlie Sheen is. [Huffington Post]

– Even Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t this much of an asshole. Just consider for a moment what it took to type that sentence. More »

Snooki Threw a Pool Party Again

Despite the fact her last one looked exactly like those pig guards from Jabba’s palace threw a bikini kegger – True Story: George Lucas already added the footage to the Blu-ray editons. “It was my original vision,” he said to a flannel shirt and no one else. – Snooki was somehow invited to host another… More »

Tara Reid Made Her Debut on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night

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Tara Reid is not only starring in Celebrity Big Brother, but also has a role in the upcoming American Reunion. Granted, I’m pretty sure her role in the film has been cut down to them just using a close-up of her belly for the poster, this still means that… More »

Ricky Gervais Made a Promo For ‘Life’s Too Short’

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Ricky Gervais made Warwick Davis wear a frog suit for this. If I had anything funny that I could add to this, I’d be the one making this face after checking my account balance. For your viewing pleasure via YouTube:

Photo: FlynetMore »

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