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Joe Jonas is Marrying Sophie Turner

The middle Jonas brother and Sansa Stark are engaged. Has anyone unearthed Joe’s purity ring and put it on eBay yet? More »

Myla Dalbesio’s Topless Mermaid Photoshoot

She’s either going for a mermaid vibe or about to reenact that shot from ‘Free Willy’ where the whale jumps over the rocks… More »

Chris Hemsworth’s Man Meat Washes Ashore on a Beach

Chris Hemsworth shirtless on a beach fills our mancandy quota for the week and yes… you can absolutely see his penis through his wet pants. More »

Today’s Video of Ariel Winter Flexing Her Butt

Another day, another chance for Ariel Winter to remind everyone that she has butt cheeks that jiggle when she walks. More »

Bjork Was Sexually Harassed by Danish Director

Just to clarify, this was a Danish director — not Harvey Weinstein with a danish. More »

Weekend Vibes Brought to You By: Daisy Lea AKA Mrs. Hands

Ever wondered what it looks like when a Playmate goes bareback for the sake of art? More »

Guy Fieri Brings Flavortown to Cali Fire Victims

“Nothing cures the blues of losing your house in a wildfire like a some trashcan nachos and hog heaven hoagies!”

… but seriously he’s done something highly commendable here. More »

New ‘Stranger Things 2′ Trailer Has Me Cancelling My Halloween Plans

Stranger Things 2: This Halloween’s official excuse to not go out because your costume sucks. More »

Victoria Beckham Steps Out in Nippy Weather

Victoria Beckham’s nipples busting through her dress is one thing, but my attention is focused on whatever the hell creature that is lurking behind her in these photos… More »

Scott Disick Went to The White House

After hosting a grand opening event at a nearby candy shop (not joking), Lord Disickhead most likely made a B-line for the minibar in the Lincoln room to kill his hangover. More »

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