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Charlie Rose Fired by CBS (No Surprise There)

Another handsy old man who took advantage of his power bites the dust… More »

With a Kidnapping Video on Facebook, Tyrese Has Officially Gone Batshit Crazy

Lots of completely normal people post videos at 3 a.m. showing them yelling at a man covered in baby oil and wrapped up in a tarp… Usually it’s on websites that require a monthly subscription but hey, it counts! More »

Is Ryan Seacrest Getting the Sexual Misconduct Shakedown?

His ex-stylist is seeking $15 million to not tell the media about “demeaning and sexually aggressive behavior.” As you can tell by reading this… it didn’t really work out. More »

Kim Kardashian Sideboob of the Day and More

All she needs is a mullet and some Winston cigarettes and she could slang hot dogs at a NASCAR event. More »

Impractical Underwear at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Here’s a bunch of pictures of women way out of your league wearing underwear that would be extremely uncomfortable underneath any outfit. More »

Christina Aguilera’s Whitney Houston Tribute Was Something

I heard that there were power outages were reported throughout the Northeast and the frequency of millions of people simultaneously yelling “Yaaasss!” interfered with cell phone towers. More »

Lena Dunham Forever Bound to the Phrase ‘Hipster Racism’

A writer for the Lenny Letter is resigning over Dunham’s selective sexual misconduct defense, “hipster racism,” and Dunham being a generally shitty person. More »

Morrissey Wants to Blame Kevin Spacey Victims — What Could Go Wrong?

Nothing gets people to hate you quite like a good victim blaming tirade. More »

Kathy Griffin vs. Andy Cohen Feud Just Went Nuclear

She basically just outed him for sexual misconduct while he was back in college in HANDS DOWN the most underhanded ice-queen-move of 2017. More »

Jameis Winston Being Investigated for Grabbing Uber Driver By the Pussy

It’s not looking like FSU is going to be able to bail him out with hush money this time around… More »

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