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Victoria Silvstedt’s Cleavage Contraption and Other News

The Swedish beauty queen has some sort of brassiere that was probably stolen from the movie Wild Wild West. More »

Kylie Jenner Should Quit TV Now, Right?

Her new reality show The Life of Kylie was a bigger flop than her brother falling into a pool (seriously his own show’s ratings were better). More »

Taylor Swift Takes The Stand Against Gropey McGrabbybutt

The actual word used by Taylor Swift involved Gropey McGrabbybutt “latching” onto her bare ass like a gosh darn suckerfish and it’s not looking good for McGrabbybutt’s attorneys. More »

James “J-Krom” Cromwell is STILL Hard AF

J-Krom is finally out of jail. He’s looking swole despite not eating any food during his stint in the clink and looking to take down the penal system. More »

Kennedy Summers Doing 138 Water Bikini Things and More

She’s not doing 138 bikini things at the same time, really she’s only got two outfit changes in this one… More »

Kendall Jenner Probably Lied About Tipping That Bartender

What do you mean nipples don’t count as gratuity?! More »

Jennifer Lawrence Somehow Hasn’t Grossed Out Darren Aronofsky Yet

Hollywood’s hottest barf queen opens up to Vogue about how Darren Aronofsky hasn’t dumped her yet and how watching the Kardashians gives her inner-peace. More »

Glen Campbell: A Legend Has Died

Let’s look back at how awesome Glen Campbell was for a sec. More »

Tereza Jelinkova Doing Bikini Things and More

Oh neat, she’s doing the flamingo thing! More »

Sinead O’Connor Is Not Doing So Hot

After posting a tearful Facebook video of her breaking down in the New Jersey motel she’s been living in, sources say she is now “safe” – so that’s good, I guess… More »

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