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Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Banging This Elf Now

Meet the 23-year-old model that Leo has been supposedly smashing for the past few months before she gets too old and gross for him once she makes 25. More »

Taylor Swift Wins Against Gropey McGrabbybutt

Gropey’s career in radio is officially over, but his career as a Denny’s line cook is just beginning. More »

Heidi Klum Eating Ice Cream in a Bikini and Other News

Also Katy Perry riding Orlando Bloom’s ‘bloomstick’, Kendall Jenner is definitely banging Blake Griffin, and the latest in the case of Taylor Swift vs. Gropey McGrabbybutt. More »

Mickey Rourke: If These Balls Could Talk

Fun fact: Mickey Rourke’s balls can actually speak and they sound like a grizzled woman from Ft. Lauderdale who’s smoked two packs a day since 1952. More »

What Do You Mean, The Teen Choice Awards Were A Dumpster Fire?

How could it have sucked if Jake Paul was performing?? More »

Bieber DM’s Hot Stranger on Instagram… Gets Denied

I guess she didn’t feel like going to his bible study. More »

Brittney Palmer Doing Mermaid Things and Other News

The last time I splattered this gold sparkly paint on myself and posed like this, I was forcibly removed from Shoe Carnival. More »

Cassandra Scerbo’s Boobs, How Are They?

Let’s check in with Cassandra Scerbo’s breast parts because that’s what I do for a living. More »

Kendall Jenner In A Hibernation Pod Or Something… For Shoes

Fun fact: Every time Kendall Jenner hands a cop a pair of sambas, Baltimore’s crime rate drops. More »

Aaron Carter: Coming To A Hamburger Joint Near You

Catch him at your local gay bar/hamburger dive and watch him cry on stage while playing instrumental beats… seriously, that happened. More »

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