Usher Parks In Handicap Spot, Gets Ass Handed To Him By Middle-Aged Woman

The Superficial / October 28, 2011

Because you have to get there early or all the Mr. Goodbars are gone, Usher stopped by the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta over the weekend where he thought it’d be kosher to park in a handicap spot. Turns out middle-aged women in the south don’t take kindly to that and will physically… More »

Snooki Wrote Another Book. Of Course.

The Superficial / October 26, 2011

Following up on the New York Times bestselling success of A Shore Thing – Those words just happened. – Snooki is currently promoting her latest book Confessions of a Guidette where she enriches readers’ lives by inviting them to join the “Snooki Style Revolution.” So for your edification, here are some nuggets of wisdom from… More »

Jennifer Lopez ‘Broke Down’ On Stage

The Superficial / October 24, 2011

While performing in Connecticut over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez apparently broke down on stage during the Mohegan Sun’s 15th anniversary celebration which somehow has become a huge story even though it shouldn’t be after you read what led up to her “emotional breakdown.” People reports:
Lopez, 42, then launched into “Until It Beats No More&#8221… More »

A Moving Van Was Outside Ashton & Demi’s House. Poop Yourselves.

The Superficial / October 14, 2011

Coming on the heels of Ashton Kutcher tenderly goosing Sara Leal without a condom on, a moving van has been spotted out his house which clearly means Demi Moore is kicking him out and or getting out herself. That or they’re very rich and throw away couches like tissues. Who’s to say?
In the meantime,… More »

Wow, Mischa Barton Really Needs Money

The Superficial / October 11, 2011

Here’s Mischa Barton posing with a raw steak in her mouth for photographer Tyler Shields who I’m starting to notice loves working with washed up drug addicts and probably for reasons exactly like this:
TYLER: Hey, Lindsay, wanna make 20 bu-
TYLER: Perfect. *wheels out Porta-John full of veal*
(Exactly like this.)
Photos:More »

‘The Avengers’ Has A Trailer

The Superficial / October 11, 2011

Whoever owns the rights to The Avengers now – I’m going with Scrooge McDuck. – has just released the official trailer that hits pretty much all the bases you expect it to hit along with some Nine Inch Nails music because apparently kids love nails three inches shy of a foot. Can’t get enough of… More »

Rihanna is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. Also, Naked.

The Superficial / October 11, 2011

Here’s Rihanna posing nude for the November issue of Esquire where she’s earned the coveted title of Sexiest Woman Alive 2011. And while they don’t specifically spell it out in the interview, just assume it’s because of the 24-hour butt sex jamboree/Barbadian rum mixer. Esquire’s fancy like that.

Photos: Russell James/Esquire, SplashMore »

Justin Bieber Wasn’t At The Michael Jackson Tribute? C’mon!

The Superficial / October 10, 2011

Boy, Prince Michael looks just like his father. (His dad’s Ted from Hey Dude, right?)
While planning the Michael Jackson Forever Tribute concert in South Wales Saturday night, someone forgot to invite Justin Bieber essentially making the entire production a massive piss on the man’s grave. Because if there’s one thing Michael would’ve loved while… More »

Brandi Glanville: ‘Divorce Drove Me to Booze and Wiener.’

Photo Boy / October 4, 2011

Posted by Photo Boy
As her ex-husband and destroyer of body image, Eddie Cibrian’s, show takes the epic ratings dump that all hackneyed Mad Men ripoffs eventually will, Brandi Glanville took to the airwaves to discuss how she handled being replaced by a carbon, if not slightly crazier copy of herself. RadarOnline reports:
I just… More »

Pippa Middleton Wore This and Other News

The Superficial / October 3, 2011

Posted by Photo Boy
- Arrested Development is coming back. Not sure if everyone’s heard. [Huffington Post]
- Russell Brand is the premier practical jokester of the international travel practical jokesters. [Dlisted]
- Kelly Brook should have played Indy’s son. [Hollywood Tuna]
- Miranda Kerr is back doing what she does best in lingerie. [DrunkenStepfather:… More »

Martyn Confirms Gay Sex With Chris Brown, Tells Him To Come Out

The Superficial / September 30, 2011

“Too many men in audience.. must stop.. pelvic thrusting…”

Yesterday, allegedly leaked DMs between Chris Brown and R&B singer Martyn revealed the two allegedly had some kind of butt sex with Chris Brown being on the receiving end as almost everyone suspected. While the authenticity of the screencaps have been questioned, Martyn ha… More »

This Kristen Stewart ‘Snow White’ Movie Looks Alright All Of A Sudden

The Superficial / September 30, 2011

Mmm… pale, mumbling emo cleavage.
Here’s Kristen Stewart on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday which apparently is going to feature medieval boobery along with all those other pics of her running around in knight’s armor. Also it looks like her breasts have the power to heal horses, so I hope nobody… More »

Everyone’s A Vampire From The Civil War

The Superficial / September 30, 2011

Apparently this is going to be the new Internet fad, so here’s another one of those historical time-traveling vampire photos, this time featuring John Travolta. Although I’m not a sucker for the liberal media’s lies and know this is just time-traveling Nicolas Cage wearing John Travolta’s face so he can bang his wife and let&#8217… More »

Taylor Lautner Wants To Know Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout and Other News

Photo Boy / September 30, 2011

Posted by Photo Boy
- Steve Carell is taking a not-at-all cliche dramatic turn with his acting. [Huffington Post]
– STOP THE PRESSES! Zahara got her ears pierced. (Read: Brad and Angelina are getting married.) [Dlisted]
- Penn Badgley is keeping it warm for Michael Fassbender. [Lainey Gossip]
- Cameron Diaz hot-looking photos that ca… More »

Chris Brown Allegedly Had Gay Sex With Martyn, Leaked DMs Allegedly Allege

The Superficial / September 29, 2011

“Alright, now lower me into his anus!”

One of the theories regarding the night Chris Brown beat Rihanna and left her for dead is that she peeped his phone and found out he was having sex with dudes not his manager. And to further that theory, here comes another round of alleged leaked… More »

Jennifer Aniston Should Probably Stay Out of Ireland and Other News

Photo Boy / September 27, 2011

Posted by Photo Boy
- The 100 Hottest Bikini Photos of 2011 [Complex]
- Bruno Mars is now the soundtrack to the deflowering of your teenage daughter. [Huffington Post]
– Lesbians aren’t allowed to make out on Southwest flights. No, really. [Dlisted]
- Ashton Kutcher is ready to stop sticking his penis into the dustbowl… More »

The Irish Made Rihanna Cover Up

The Superficial / September 27, 2011

If you clicked through yesterday’s The Crap We Missed, you might have noticed Rihanna shooting a video in Ireland wearing what appears to be a bikini made out of red bandanas. Turns out the farmer who owns the field also noticed and found his Christian sensibilities to be offended. BBC News reports:
“I thought it… More »

It’s Nancy Grace’s Nipple. Hot Dog.

The Superficial / September 27, 2011

While Christians lost their shit over Chaz Bono’s mere presence on Dancing With The Stars being an affront to God and a harassment of traditional family values, no one kept an eye on Nancy Grace who gave viewers an eyeful of her nipple last night. Legend says it emerged solely to utter the words, “Casey… More »

Remember When I Said Leelee Sobieski Looked Hot? About That…

The Superficial / September 27, 2011

Back in July, Leelee Sobieski was spotted on the streets of New York looking, for a lack of a better term, chestalicious prompting me to post photos of her looking as such. Since then the national attention that clearly I alone generated – “For whomever controls the Internet boobs, controls the masses.” – Jesus ofMore »

We Get It, Jennifer Lopez. You’re Single.

The Superficial / September 26, 2011

Fresh off of pretending Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors are tripping over themselves to sample her pollo fundido – I almost said enchilada, but it just seemed racist. – here’s Jennifer Lopez performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas over the weekend where she also agreed to a paid appearance at PURE nightclub. Because apparently the… More »

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