By: The Superficial / February 25, 2015
Madonna fell while performing at the BRIT Awards. Our fates are sealed. More »

Everybody Cross Your Fingers, Chris Brown Might Go Back To Jail

By: Photo Boy / January 16, 2015
Posted by Photo Boy Just two Chris Brown posts ago, I suggested he violated his probation by being present at not one, but two incidents where people got shot. Turns out I'm a legal genius, because at a progress hearing yesterday his probation officer recommended that Chris go back to jail… More »

Mariah Carey Is Doing A Vegas Residency

By: Photo Boy / January 15, 2015
Posted by Photo Boy Mariah Carey announced her Vegas residency with an Oprahesque "You get tickets! You get tickets!" give away on Ellen. A gift that probably would have been better with, I dunno, plane tickets and a hotel room? Via Time (Wait, hold up. We're quoting Time? Legitimate news source,… More »

The People’s Choice Awards: A Post About Iggy Azalea’s Butt

By: Photo Boy / January 8, 2015
Posted by Photo Boy Iggy Azalea performed last night at The People's Choice Awards. It's an event where the common folks' taste in popular culture for the previous year gets aggregated and celebrated by the prominent celebrities within. Through that lens, Fish and I carefully chose our coverage by looking at… More »

Madonna’s Just Like Nelson Mandela And Martin Luther King Jr., You Guys

By: The Superficial / January 5, 2015
Madonna is no stranger to saying absolutely tone-deaf shit that most people not surrounded by sycophants would have the right mind to never to say out loud, so it'd only make sense that she'd use Photoshopped images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr.,… More »

Christina Aguilera Called Mickey Mouse An ‘Asshole’ At Disneyland

By: The Superficial / December 29, 2014
Christina Aguilera celebrated her birthday at Disneyland a week before Christmas and allegedly flipped the fuck out when Mickey Mouse wasn't available to take a picture with her because grown ups do that. TMZ reports: Our theme park source tells us while ringing in her 34th b-day at Disney's California Adventure,… More »

Iggy Azalea Has To Be Nice To Azealia Banks Or Her Sex Tape Will Leak

By: The Superficial / December 22, 2014
Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks (Who are surprisingly not the same person. God, I'm old.) have been having some sort of online shit-to-cuffs over Iggy's appropriation of hip-hop culture without paying respect to the black community which is apparently a legitimate criticism because Q-Tip wrote a giant Twitter essay… More »

Nicki Minaj’s Nipple Was On TV!

By: The Superficial / December 18, 2014
A major American film studio completely caved to North Korea-sponsored hackers essentially putting unprecedented power into the hands of anyone who can access rich people's emails, but that was 10 minutes ago. Now it's all about Nicki Minaj's nipple slip provided you count 1/4th of an areola as a… More »

So Remember When Ariana Grande’s Rep Denied She’s Carried Like A Baby?

By: The Superficial / December 12, 2014
A story broke out this week that one of Ariana Grande's numerous diva demands is to be carried like a baby whenever her feet get too tired. Her rep denied the story and called it "fake" except Jezebel found a photo of Ariana Grande literally being carried… More »

Ariana Grande Loves ‘Big Black Balls’

By: The Superficial / December 9, 2014
While performing during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, America's favorite eighth grader Ariana Grande apparently told Ed Sheeran that she enjoys bouncy balls which he turned into a perverted joke about giant black testicles because the British are always trying to make scrotum jokes involving children. I've watched your… More »

Are Children’s Christmas Pageants Supposed To Be Sexy? This Seems Wrong

By: The Superficial / December 8, 2014
Is Stephen Collins the musical director? What the hell's happening here? THE SUPERFICIAL | About • Facebook • Twitter Photos: Getty, Splash New… More »

Bill Cosby Stripped Of Honorary Navy Title As More Women Come Forward

By: The Superficial / December 5, 2014
Some of you haven't enjoyed my coverage of the Eric Garner decision, or racism in general, so in this post I not only believe that a black man is guilty of a crime, but also (slightly) question the motives of his alleged rape victims. It's practically Christmas for your tiny little… More »

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

By: The Superficial / December 3, 2014
Now that we've seen Taylor Swift serenading a woman's butt and Chris Hansen's greatest sting yet, here's the rest of The 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show featuring models I didn't have time to label, so it's on you to remember what their names are. They have feelings, you bastard! More »

And Now Taylor Swift Singing To Karlie Kloss’ Butt

By: The Superficial / December 3, 2014
Last year, Jessica Hart said some shit about Taylor Swift "not fitting in" at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which is why this year Jessica was nowhere to be seen and NY Daily News reports it's Taylor's doing. Which seems like way too much power for Taylor… More »

Toddlers & Tiaras Meets Victoria’s Secret

By: The Superficial / December 3, 2014
Here's Ariana Grande performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because what's sexier than watching a singing 12-year-old in linger- *waits to get tackled by Photo Boy, realizes he's on vacation, shrugs* - a singing 12-year-old in linger- *gets shot in the knee by Chris Hansen* THE SUPERFICIAL | About… More »

Everyone’s Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus Now

By: Photo Boy / November 25, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy While rioting has broken out once again in Ferguson, MO after protesters thoughtfully reviewed and found fault with the nearly 5,000 page grand jury report that was released only hours ago and led to the decision not to indict Darren Wilson (Yep, I'm just leaving that there.)… More »

Bette Midler Told Ariana Grande Not To Whore Herself

By: Photo Boy / November 25, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy Ariana Grande looks like a child, but in reality she's a grown woman who loves to dress like a prostitute and perform sultry dances to the terrible, terrible music she makes. To lecherous old men, this type of thing is irresistible. To idiotic young girls, it's a career aspiration. More »

Christian Bale Wanted To Play Batman Again

By: Photo Boy / November 25, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy Before the Internet collectively shat itself over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, there was fleeting hope that Christian Bale was going to return for a Justice League movie until he effectively shot that shit down. But now, to the gnashing teeth of nerd… More »

Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s Poised For A Hollywood Comeback

By: Photo Boy / November 21, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy Lindsay Lohan's starring run in Speed-the-Plow will end November 29th, but before she heads back to the states finally giving England a change to delouse their capitol city, she's of course already talking about how successful her career's about to be. Via Radar Online: “Lindsay is doing… More »

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Got Their Own Reality Show

By: Photo Boy / November 12, 2014
Posted by Photo Boy Because the world is a giant stockpot of diarrhea and reality television is the spoon that stirs it, it's only right that Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg get to make their own deposit. When reached for comment, the couple dropped this verbal nugget and yes I'm… More »

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