1. Tiger looks like he just got visited by the ghost of pussy past.

  2. JC

    In every picture, there’s a hispanic man in the background providing a surprise anal penetration to a famous golfer.

  3. etr

    I’m way behind the times. Didn’t he beg his ex to take him back and sign over all of his money to convince her?

  4. “Elin spelled backwards is Nile? This changes everything, Tigey. EVERYTHING!”

  5. Booboo

    So Lindsay going to play but she cant believe he’s changed at all…still don’t buy this setup. Elin never played the fame/PR game and kept it classy at the recent President’s Correspondence Dinner. She also rocks a bikini like few others and track pants with ball cap at her daughter’s ball game.

  6. “Tiger! Tiger, did you hear the that the PGA just announced a steroid testing policy?”

  7. “What if i have a long lost twin brother…who is a tiger… whose name is Human City!!!!”

  8. Doctor_Joystick

    “Whatchu mean they ain’t gonna do 5 dollar footlongs no more?!?!”

  9. Thomas

    I didn’t know Isaiah Thomas was into photography

  10. Kat

    “Did that photographer just tell me he’s the black Tiger Woods?”

  11. MmmmK, Ima make a prediction right here. right now.

    If Tiger Woods keeps hanging with blonde white women, bleacher or otherwise, he will come to no good. Because they’re actually not quite human. Especially the bleachers. They’re vampires without the cool thang.

  12. Oz Matters

    Hey! Tiger, Tiger! Do that impersonation again of the Michael Jackson autopsy!

  13. There’s a time and place for every thing . It shows that Tiger has no class , even if he’s wearing a Georgio Armani suit he still has no class !!! This was their first appearance together besides the FB photos ,He was supposed to prove and show to his critics that he at least was trying to change and show his date respect ! But,then again she’s a piece of trash just like he is !!! Because no woman in her right mind would touch him with a 10 foot pole. After she made that comment in th 2010 Olympics, ” Tiger, I too have a sex problem” Who knew she wasn’t joking ? Lindsey has no class or self respect for herself . He was a deviant sex addict cheater and now you could add drunk too the list , and I truly believe she is the same !!! She’s not the the girl next door and role model for our kids , as the media make her out to be ! Two narcissist . !

    • I always liked him, but now I see your point – I mean, really, a rich young famous athlete drinking alcohol and having sex with women! Ha! What a jerk he is! Who does that?

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