1. meeps!

    Cripes, that ugly chick has tiny titties…

  2. I’m inclined to think that those aren’t “douche eyebrows,” but actually the look of genuine concern over a severe dick rash after banging someone with the name Ventura.

  3. Those French dudes are swooning.

  4. Art-Girl

    Every time I see him pull that face, I imagine Suge Knight dangling him off a balcony. Please Suge, make my dreams come true.

  5. Canada’s shame. He should feature Rob Ford on his next album.

  6. There is no level of tattooing that will make you look like even a slice of a man if you keep behaving like a tantrum-throwing three year old with a shitty diaper and sticky hands, so just stop trying, you national fucking embarrassment.

  7. JC

    why does he have 1975 tattoo’d on him in roman numerals..

    also, on a side note, could you imagine if this guy becomes the next Mark Wahlberg? I mean, all the signs are there right down to the calvin kleins

  8. Yes, and all the other guys have shirts on coz daBebes is so daBuff.

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