1. Howdy partner… I’ma lookin’ fer a Mr. Vladimir Pootin’… need to do some real boy to man nipple to nipple time.

  2. MoreMariaNow!!

    He has to be the biggest douche in the whole wide world!! Donald Sterling is a saint compared to this asshole!!

    • Rotatoe

      He’s 20 YEARS OLD, millionaire without parental supervision (or with very little supervision).
      Give the kid a break.
      Your negative comments IMO reflects jealousy towards someone who made it big. I am sure all of you made mistakes in your 20′s….I know I did..and without the crowd of assholes this guy’s entourage is made up of.

      • Rotatoe

        I know this site if for joking or trashing celebs, but gosh it seems the only target is Beiber.

        Why not go trash smelly pussy pseudo-hot bitch Kruppa (’cause ya know, it takes 4-5 people + surgeries to make that bitch look the way she does). Still, she manages looks like a coked up whore every pic I see.

  3. cc

    Ah yes, the fedora, a long time favorite among cowboys.

  4. Short Round

    Hello, Ladies! Look at your man! Now look at me! He’s not me but he could smell like me. Make him ride in the hot desert. Put him on a cocaine diet. Switch him to Youg Douche aftershave and he could smell like me. Anything’s possible when you’re a dick. I’m on a horse!

  5. Makrel

    Same bathtub his mom makes Gin in…

  6. This horse needs to be sent to the glue factory ASAP. Had a great opportunity to rid the world of this douchebag and failed.

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