1. Cock Dr

    This is who needs to be naked in a music video.

  2. Kelly

    Not bad, I wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating crackers.

  3. KV

    Ops suddenly I’m all wet too

  4. I honestly think he’s one of the hottest men alive. Good god the things I would do. However… I had to unfollow him on Twitter and unlike him on facebook (shoot me really for ever working that in to a sentence) because it was just a wee bit too much self promotion. Yes I know that’s what those sites are ultimately all about and yes I love looking at pictures of him but it’s different when someone else posts them. Instead of “hey look at me I’m hot.”

    Er, which I guess he’s doing when the paps are notified of his shirtless whereabouts and I get to look at the results (see above). What the hell am I saying? Someone stop me…

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